Client service

Helpline 957 105 105

You can report damages and obtain any information on the Kooperativa helpline every working day from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. 

Assistance service +420 1220

Global Assistance company assistance services can be used for removal in case your car breaks down.

We provide the following services on 957 105 105

Arranging new insurance agreement

Are you interested in a price quote, product information, arranging insurance over the phone?
We offer the option to arrange these products over the phone:

  • Vehicle insurance (third party cover, car accident insurance)
  • Individuals’ property and liability insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Individuals’ insurance (life insurance, personal accident insurance, pension insurance)

Reporting damages

The damage can be reported through the 957 105 105 helpline. To report a damage please, have your insurance agreement number and further information relating to the damage occurring ready.

Information on the state of a registered claim

To obtain information on the state of your registered claim from vehicle, property, and liability insurance policies, contact our helpline on 957 105 105.
To process your enquiry please, have your claim number ready. You can obtain information on your claim state and documents needed for settling the claim.

Information on insurance agreements and products

General information:

  • Information on sales points
  • Information on the Kooperativa insurance company products and services
  • Information on the insurance agreement

Information on the insurance agreement may only be conveyed to the policy holder after producing the insurance agreement details namely in the following extent:

Insurance agreement validity

  • Agreed risks on the insurance agreement
  • Additional insurance policies under the insurance agreement
  • Compulsory excess on the insurance agreement
  • Information on the payments
  • Information on making deposits to and withdrawals from individuals’ insurance products

Within the scope of the client service, the following details may be change on the insurance agreement on the helpline:

  • Change of surname
  • Change of permanent residency address
  • Change of correspondence address
  • Change of payment method (SIPO, standing order, direct debit, money order)
  • Change to way of communicating information on subsequent insurance rates (letter, text messaging, email)
  • Change of vehicle registration plate

The above mentioned information may also be obtained through a web form here.