PERSPEKTIVA universal life insurance

PERSPEKTIVA universal life insurance is a modern highly flexible product which offers the ideal combination of high-standard insurance coverage for you or your whole family, plus the opportunity of a high level of return on the money you invest.

PERSPEKTIVA key benefits:

  • insures your whole family under one insurance contract
  • your insurance cover can adjust to your specific life circumstances – one contract for your whole life
  • no claims award paid when insurance matures, plus insurance bonus free of charge
  • insurance coverage from the day after the insurance is arranged
  • option to receive funds during the insurance period

We offer further options to protect you and those close to you, or to secure your future:


Secure a comfortable lifestyle in your retirement now. Hobbies, travel, culture, medicine, doctors, accommodation, family, grandchildren – all these fields will be of importance to you after you decide to retire.

RUBIKON complete risk life insurance

RUBIKON life insurance secures your family should anything happen to you. The insured risks and level of insurance premium can be freely combined and amended.

ŽABKA children’s programme

Don’t rely on luck and secure restful nights for your child and yourself. With the ŽABKA programme, you can start growing the money you save today and help your child stand on his own two feet.

MediKompas health assistance service

MediKompas health assistance service helps you find your way in the health service, provides information and secures professional medical consultations or an appointment for an examination when suffering a health problem.

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