NA PŘÁNÍ life insurance

NA PŘÁNÍ life insurance is a modern highly flexible product which offers an ideal combination of a high-standard insurance coverage for you or your whole family, plus the opportunity of high returns of the money you can invest.

NA PŘÁNÍ key benefits:

  • simple and transparent
  • affordable for everyone (does not require any minimum premium)
  • T&C for customers, not lawyers (written in simpler language)
  • promotes high sums insured uptake of the most serious risks insurance (death, critical illness, disability)
  • road to recovery
  • loyalty bonus (increase of the insurance benefit by 5% every 5 years)

Terms and Conditions for NA PŘÁNÍ life insurance

We offer further options to protect you and those close to you, or to secure your future:

PERSPEKTIVA life insurance

PERSPEKTIVA life insurance is a highly flexible product which offers a balanced combination of a high-standard insurance coverage for you or your family and the investment opportunities.

ŽABKA children’s programme

Don’t rely on luck and secure restful nights for your child and yourself. With the ŽABKA programme, you can start growing the money you save today and help your child stand on his own feet, while making up for the bad luck that may come along anytime.

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance offers protection in case of serious and unexpected injury. And even secures your family in the event that an accident or injury leads to your death. The insured risks and level of insurance premium can be freely combined and amended.


KOOPERATIVA BEST DOCTORS insurance covers the most serious illnesses and medical procedures (e.g. cancer, coronary artery by-pass surgery, neurosurgery etc.) and offers the best health care worldwide, a world known specialist and top medical facilities.