Industrial and business insurance

Property insurance

Insuring company property provides coverage of your company’s movable and immovable assets in cases of Acts of God, e.g. fire, flooding, snow, hail, water damage, plus cases of theft and vandalism. We will also insure your electronic equipment, machines, vessels, exhibits at fairs, buildings. We’re happy to prepare a personalised offer for your insurance.

We provide these kinds of property insurance:

  • Electronics insurance
  • Insurance of exhibits during fairs/exhibitions
  • Vessel insurance
  • Insurance against theft and vandalism
  • Window insurance
  • Equipment insurance
  • Construction and assembly risks insurance
  • Act of God insurance

Liability insurance

Damage liability insurance covers you when you need to pay for damage caused to another entity which happened in relation to your business activities.

Key benefits of residential property insurance:

  • General damage liability insurance
  • Liability insurance for damage caused by members of company bodies (company management)
  • Liability insurance for damage caused by a faulty product
  • Liability insurance for damage caused through provision of specialist services

Compulsory liability insurance for damage caused through major accident

The definition of major accident and the persons obliged to acquire this compulsory insurance are designated by Act No. 59/2006 Coll. on the prevention of major accidents caused by selected hazardous chemicals or chemical preparations and on the amendment of Act No. 258/2000 Coll. on the protection of public health and on the amendment of certain associated acts, as subsequently amended, and Act No. 320/2002 Coll. on the amendment and cancellation of certain acts in connection with the termination of activities of district authorities, as subsequently amended (Major Accident Prevention Act).

Subject of insurance:
Damage caused to another entity in relation to a major accident where the insured is responsible for such damage by law.

We provide other options for protecting yourself or your property

Service interruption insurance

Service interruption insurance is designed to protect your business activities. It aims to compensate you in cases where financial loss arises through interruption or limitations to the operation of your company.

Transport and carriage insurance

Transport and carriage insurance is designed to cover items, shipments and other events relating to transport and carriage.

Liability insurance for medical facilities operators

This insurance is arranged for legally stated damage liability for which a medical facilities operator is responsible. A medical facility means a private doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, hospital or sanatorium, in either the non-state or state sector.