SME Insurance

TREND small and medium-sized business insurance

TREND is very flexible and can satisfy all standard individual needs for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the insurance field. It includes practically all types of property and damage liability insurance, including liability for damage caused by a defective product or incorrectly performed work.

Key benefits of TREND insurance:

  • all-purpose product – TREND insurance is designed for all entrepreneurs
  • complete coverage – the insurance programme can include all property and liability insurance types
  • building-block insurance set-up – entrepreneurs select only those risks and coverages which he really needs
  • everything is stated clearly and simply within one contract and with just one insurance premium.

Private life insurance with employer contribution

Private life insurance is a group of products for which the employer can contribute up to 100% of the monthly insurance premium for his employees. In this way, you can save on taxes, social security and health insurance costs.

The key benefits of private life insurance with employer contribution:

  • a tool to motivate and stabilise your employees
  • economic benefits for both the employer and employee
  • a wide range of life and pension insurance and policies
  • guaranteed interest rate of 2.4 % p.a.
  • you can choose for no health tests to be performed or for payment deferral

We offer other options for protecting your property:

Insurance for the self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses - START PLUS

START PLUS is a very cost-effective combination of the most demanded types of insurance for business with company asset values of up to 25m CZK. The insurance is very flexible and can satisfy all standard individual needs for small entrepreneurs and the self-employed in the insurance field.

ORDINACE (surgery) insurance

This insurance is specifically designed for doctors, dentists and other private health and veterinary operators. One insurance contract will cover all your insurance requirements.