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Travel Insurance

KOLUMBUS travel insurance

KOLUMBUS travel insurance is your practical guide on your travels. It includes medical costs, even in a terrorist attack. Additional insurance can cover costs for mountain rescue, and our comprehensive package includes coverage for baggage loss, accidents and liability for damage you cause.

Key benefits of KOLUMBUS insurance:


  • short-term household contents insurance over the period of your holiday
  • double indemnity for injuries as a result of traffic accident free of charge
  • free of charge for children up to 6 years of age travelling with at least one adult
  • 50 % discount for children from 6 to 18 years of age

KOLUMBUS ABONENT travel insurance - all-year round insurance for repeated stays

If you travel often, whether on holiday or on business trips, you’ll appreciate the benefits of KOLUMBUS ABONENT travel insurance. This insurance is arranged for a period of one year. The length of any one continuous stay abroad may not exceed 45 calendar days. There is no limit to the number of trips taken during the insured period. As for KOLUMBUS travel insurance, this insurance provides complete coverage for injuries or traffic accidents on your journey or holiday including luggage and damage liability insurance.

Benefits of KOLUMBUS ABONENT insurance:

  • free of charge for children up to 6 years of age travelling with at least one adult (this discount applies only for one trip of a child up to six abroad)
  • very cost-effective if you travel often